Monday, 24 December 2012

So it begins...

Finally got around to starting it properly. I've tried before, but I usually just, well, forget I have a blog. But over the last year or so, the need for one has become greater than ever as the need to vent my views on the suspecting and unsupecting public alike grew with the events of the Arab Spring and the Libyan and Syrian Revolutions, the Occupy movement, the failures of the Left and the resurgence of the Hard Right, Ed Miliband shifting Labour back to the centre-left, the cuts continuing to bite and claw at the general populace, and the various controversies over the Obama Administration mounting up, amongst many others.

Now given it's Christmas time, and I was bored and directionless, I decided it was time to at last do a bit of foundation work. This blog, launched today on Christmas Eve, I guess is an early present to myself, pretentious as it sounds.

The blog name was originally going to be "Left Contrarian" because, well, that's what I virtually am. But I decided that it was too open for misinterpretation, and perhaps too confrontational, so I was left with a nameless vision, until Boris Johnson yelled "lefty tossers" at some rightly displeased activists and the name stuck in my head, and, well, here we are. I am a "lefty" (although I use the term tongue-in-cheek) and I am a bit of a tosser in real life. Suited me down to the ground.

Most of the stuff I'll blog about will probably be current political and international events, but will definitely also include philosophy (particularly that "fruity" Continental stuff), progressive rock and heavy metal music, any fiction I happen to read (mostly non-fic these days), and anything else I have on my mind, including silly-funny bullshit that may possibly only amuse me.

There are going to be plenty of editing mistakes in the first dozen or so posts as I work out to use the Blogger freeware, and there'll always be spelling and grammatical errors galore (hell, well I do read the The Granuaid). I'll try my best to be honest and clear, and avoid bullshittery, fallacies, bad linkage, hyperbole, and smarm.

So, let's begin...

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